UNL Global and Genesys International announce a strategic alliance to build a hyperlocal location technology platform powered by a precise 3D digital map of India

MUMBAI, INDIA — UNL Global, a smart micro-location infrastructure and new generation mapping technology startup, and Genesys International, a pioneer in providing advanced mapping, survey, and geospatial services, today announced their partnership to create a hyperlocal Location Technology Platform powered by high-accuracy 3D digital map of India and bring joint geospatial and mapping solutions to the India market.


In joining forces, Genesys and UNL will be leveraging their individual strengths to build a full-stack solution, combining Genesys’ high-quality and high-definition location data of key Indian cities together with UNL’s smart 3D geocell-based micro-location technology and location services.


“Combining Genesys location data of India with UNL smart 3D grid and geoIDs will allow to further amplify the value of location intelligence and enable higher accuracy and relevance of the digital maps of India, which is critical to the success of location-based services today.”, says Xander van der Heijden, CEO and founder of UNL.


Through their technology integration, the Indian market will be able to access the most accurate geospatial solutions like addressing, hyperlocal geocoding, routing and geofencing, powered by the highest quality location data and context.


The two companies will also collaborate on developing market-leading industry solutions across industry verticals including e-commerce, logistics, last-mile delivery, and mobility.


Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Sajid Malik, Chairman and Managing Director of Genesys, said:

“Genesys has taken the initiative to develop highly accurate 3D `Digital Twin’ Maps in India, which will spearhead the transformation in map usage in India. We are pleased to be partnering with UNL, bringing this vision forward. This partnership will go a long way in developing last-mile solutions for Indian cities, which will improve delivery efficiency and benefit customers in logistics and e-commerce.”

About UNL

UNL is a smart micro-location infrastructure and new-generation mapping technology startup building the Internet of Places – a digital 1:1 geodata twin of the physical world. Powering location-based services from e-commerce and last-mile delivery to smart city and autonomous solutions.


By digitizing physical locations and creating an infrastructure to interact with them, we solve some of the biggest hyperlocal challenges that traditional mapping hasn’t been able to do so far – starting with addressing, geocoding, dynamic routing, and self-healing maps.


Via the UNL Micro-location Platform, we provide businesses from all sizes – start-ups, SMEs to enterprises – with do-it-yourself mapping and location data services to manage their own Virtual Private Maps and build scalable hyperlocal solutions with location intelligence at various scales.


UNL is based in Singapore, with offices in New Delhi (India), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Dubai (UAE).


For more information, visit www.unl.global.   

About Genesys

Genesys International Corporation Ltd., established in 1995 is a pioneer in Advanced Mapping, Survey and Geospatial Services. With a team of 2000+ professionals and an extensive experience across the world, Genesys delivers expertise services in Geospatial Engineering Domain, ranging from LiDAR, Aerial Imagery, 2D/3D mapping across various industries like Urban, Telecom, Mining Infrastructure, Agriculture & Navigation. Genesys has earlier filed patents for (a) a unique 3-dimensional code, which will help pinpoint the exact location of a given object on the 3D map enabling improved accuracy in last-mile delivery and (b) for automatic extraction of the street furniture’s from Panoramic imagery and LiDAR data acquired from the terrestrial mobile mapping systems. 


For more information about Genesys, visit www.igenesys.com. 

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