A next-gen micro-location and mapping technology

Based in Singapore, Amsterdam, and India UNL is a next-gen micro-location and mapping tech company

We provide businesses with the mapping, location and data tools to build highly scalable, hyper-local services and applications. We make locations programmable by adding a smart layer to physical places, to power services from ecommerce and delivery to smart city and autonomous solutions.


We are on a mission to transform the physical world into the next digital platform.  By fusing the physical and digital world in a 1:1 geodata twin, we are building the Internet of Places and the infrastructure to power the metaverse.

Who we are

Rebels. Pioneers. Futurists.

We challenge the status quo and reach beyond the limitations of current standards to power the emergence of a new generation of immersive, hyper local experiences, services and apps.

The impact behind what we do

Unlocking services from delivery to mobility for the next 4 billion internet users

As much as 75% of the world is badly addressed. Leaving locations under- and unserved, and  4 billion people are without a verified and trusted address. This has been a challenge for the mapping industry for decades.


We have pixelized the world to digitize physical locations and give them a unique verifiable digital address – UNL geoID. Made to connect the unconnected and economic, social and environmental potential of locations.

Enabling a new wave of hyper-local innovation

UNL is a zero-legacy geospatial infrastructure able to solve some of the biggest hyperlocal challenges that traditional mapping hasn’t been able to do so far – starting with accuracy and precision in mapping, addressing, real-time routing and self-healing maps. 

Focusing on deep impact from day one

From smart cities to rural and developing areas, locations, geo-technology and geospatial data are powerful socio-economic tools.


We are building a universal platform to fuel impact projects that catalyze the transfromation towards a more sustainable, resilient, equitable and inclusive world.

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