UNL Platform is here. Run your entire ecosystem in one place.       

UNL Platform is here. Run your entire ecosystem in one place. Learn more

A seamless journey from outdoor to indoor

Embed accurate routing, calculate high-efficiency optimal routes and supercharge your navigation requirements.

Supercharge your navigation to move people and parcels from A to B


Compute single or multi-waypoint routes, distances and travel times for various transport modes.

Supports seamless transition between outdoor and indoor spaces 

Single, multi-waypoint and  time-aware routing and dynamic ETA calculation

Supports multiple transportation modes – two-, three- or four-wheelers and walking

Calculates distance and travel times to destination

Plan for multiple origins and destinations


Compute travel times and distances between multiple origin-destination pairs.

Supports multiple transport options: car, truck, two-wheeler and pedestrian

Leverage optimized routing summary, including duration and distance calculations

Estimate accurate ETA and travel times

Calculate routable areas by route time and distance


Isoline APIs compute the routable area within a specified time or distance range, taking into account preferred route mode (shortest/fastest).

Takes into account real-time and historical traffic information in its calculations.

Option to avoid road types (highways, toll roads, unpaved roads, motorways, tunnels, etc.)

Supports departure time preferences

Get optimum routes for multiple destinations


Calculate optimum routing sequences by optimizing routes within a given set of waypoints based on time or distance traveled.

Calculate waypoint sequence to get routes with shortest travel time

Calculate waypoint sequence to get routes with minimum travel distance

Optimize average cost per delivery/ride with optimized routes

Advanced and customizable route planning and optimization


Support complex routing scenarios and create dynamic route plans using advanced route optimisation services for multiple configurations including vehicle type, fleet capacity, multiple-pick up and drop-off points and delivery requirements.

Designed to solve the travelling sales man problem between multiple locations for a full fleet of vehicles

Optimize fleet utilization and deliver complicated routing solutions while meeting business requirements and SOPs

Get likely drivable routes for sequenced coordinate pairs


Match routing data via GPS traces with real-time road network data to calculate the most likely drivable route on the map.

Supports route avoidance

Delivers accurate ETA information with parameter settings for departure or arrival times

Supports Pedestrian, Bicycle, Car, carHOV, Truck, Taxi, Bus & Motorcycle routing

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