Brad Bao, Co-Founder and Chairman of Lime, joins UNL Advisory Board

We are excited to announce a significant addition to our team as we welcome Brad Bao to UNL’s Advisory Board.


As the Co-Founder and Chairman of the largest and leading micro-mobility company Lime, Brad is no stranger to successfully bringing industry reshaping tech solutions to market and changing the way millions of people get around cities.


Prior to Lime, Brad co-founded Kinzon Capital (cross-border tech venture capital firm) and led Tencent’s internationalization for over 8 years.


“I’m always passionate about connecting the world, person to person at Tencent, and person to places at Lime. In order to push that vision further, we need a location solution that’s tailored for today’s world, with more precision and layers. That’s why I’m very excited to join UNL’s Advisory Board and support their innovation.”, said Brad Bao.


“We are honored to welcome Brad to UNL’s Advisory Board.”, said Xander van der Heijden, CEO and founder of UNL Global. “Brad’s diverse expertise will be instrumental in shaping our strategic direction as UNL introduces new micro-location solutions and enters new markets, such as micro-mobility, ride-hailing and beyond.”

About UNL

UNL is a smart micro-location infrastructure and new-generation mapping technology startup building the Internet of Places – a digital 1:1 geodata twin of the physical world. Powering location-based services from e-commerce and last-mile delivery to smart city and autonomous solutions.


By digitizing physical locations and creating an infrastructure to interact with them, we solve some of the biggest hyperlocal challenges that traditional mapping hasn’t been able to do so far – starting with addressing, geocoding, dynamic routing, and self-healing maps.


Via the UNL Micro-location Platform, we provide businesses from all sizes – start-ups, SMEs to enterprises – with do-it-yourself mapping and location data services to manage their own Virtual Private Maps and build scalable hyperlocal solutions with location intelligence at various scales.


UNL is based in Singapore, with offices in New Delhi (India), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Dubai (UAE).


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