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We are looking for an automation-centric DevOps Engineer to work alongside our Engineering teams. As a key role in our Engineering and Tech team, you will need to have a strong understanding of common cloud architecture, provisioning, and administration, but must also have experience with the traditional developer toolset and practices such as using source control, giving and receiving code reviews, and familiarity with agile principles.


We are looking for someone who can be based in either our Amsterdam or India office. You will be a part of a fast-moving, highly entrepreneurial, and international environment – collaborating with colleagues in Europe, Asia, and around the world.

Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer at UNL:

  • Experience with system administration on Linux/UNIX
  • Version Control Systems(git is a must)
  • Good teamworking skills
  • Docker and related technologies (nice to have: Compose, Kubernetes, Helm)
  • Experience with a Cloud Provider (preferably GCP) and deployment using IaC tools (e.g. Terraform, CloudFormation, GCP Deployment manager)
  • Experience with creating CI/CD pipelines (preferably GitLab)
  • Automation is your first choice
  • Knowledge of networking (TCP/IP stack, firewalls, subnetting, routing, tunnelling, etc.)

We are looking for someone with:

  • A strong desire to learn and grow with us
  • A problem-solving mindset
  • Knowledge of various scripting languages (e.g. Bash, Ruby, Python, etc.)

What's in it for you:

  • An inspiring office and work environment.
  • Monthly team activities to keep the spirits high.
  • Opportunity to work for a truly global multicultural team.
  • Flexibility to work from home.

Our perfect fit:

  • Some experience in the field
  • Experience with databases administration (e.g. PostgresQL)
  • Knowledge of Software Engineering techniques
  • Knowledge on how to develop cloud-native applications
  • Knowledge of configuration management tools (e.g. Ansible, Puppet, Chef)
  • Experience with Observability: Monitoring, Logging, Tracing
  • Knowledge on how to architect distributed systems on global scale
  • Interest and/or experience in IT security
  • Knowledge of a programming language (e.g. Typescript, Python, Go, etc.)
  • Experience with serverless

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