Rethinking the urban model
and what cities should be for their societies.

From public safety to convenience to sustainability, smart city solutions and applications are changing the way cities operate and the relationship between urban society and cities.

The future of humanity is urban. By 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas.

And as urban population grows, cities are on a path of transformation from urban dwellings to smart platforms interacting, collaborating and co-creating with citizens.

Data activation.

Urban societies are exceptionally data-rich systems. Activating this data is critical to the development and evolution of smart cities, from captivating concepts to sustainable, citizen-centric environments.

UNL connects the physical and digital worlds in a seamless, hyper-connected operating system. Bringing content to location-based context. Where big data becomes smart data to power an array of smart city applications and services –  from administration of real-time contextual data, to automation and governance of location-based transactions, to machine-to-machine transactions.

An operating platform to power smart city life.


Catalyze social equality across all citizens.

• Addressing & Proof of residence
• Citizen data
• Permit & licensing


Enable secure, safer and more resilient urban environment.

• City planner
• Crowd control
• Indoor navigation and routing
• Emergency services


Advance environmental & economic sustainability.

• Autonomous vehicles
• Drone & robot delivery
• PropTech
• Smart parking

This is how

Unique, global address
Data enrichment
Routing & navigation
Programmable locations

Let's explore how UNL can enable your smart city application.

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