Map as a Service

Accurately map out and digitize POIs, spaces and location assets with micro-precision of up to 1×1 cm2.

A revolutionary way to build maps and interact with locations

Uniquely map out and digitize POI, space and location assets with micro-precision of as small as 1×1 cm². Publish updates to your VPM in real-time.
Virtual Private Maps

Create Virtual Private Maps (VPM) and securely integrate your business data, while keeping control over how you organize your spaces and venues in a few clicks. Leverage our POI category library to quickly add POIs and update location data.

Real-time data updates

Process and publish POI and metadata updates on your VPM in real-time. All data updates are instantly searchable and synced across your apps.

UNL Smart Grid

Standardize the management and sharing of hyper local data across multiple platforms and apps with our foundational UNL Smart Grid. We support multiple grid resolutions to cater for any use case.

UNL geoIDs & Clusters

We assign a unique digital and verifiable address to every cell - a UNL geoID, which can be clustered to precisely map out man-made structures (e.g. outdoor and indoor venues, buildings, bridges, etc).

Landmark-based Geocoder

UNL Landmark-based Geocoder combines semantic and spatial relationships between different landmarks and POI to deliver vastly better and more dynamic geocoding of descriptive addresses.

Seamlessly manage returns through location-based transactions.
Semantic search

Tap into location semantics to enable search queries with rich location context - ”ramen restaurant, back entrance, delivery pick-up”.

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