UNL Global and National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV) team up to geofence the Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-highway

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With the ever-increasing numbers of electric vehicles in India, NHEV is conducting its second phase of TECH-Trail Run project with UNL to geofence the Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-highway. As part of the TECH-Trail Run project, NHEV and UNL will collaborate to provide state-of-the-art EV-ready infrastructure that will allow NHEV to run electric vehicle fleets on this E-highway using the Anti Theft System (ATS).

"NHEV is the first of its kind project and is bound to revolutionize the manner in which we design E-highway and build EV infrastructure to contribute to the India Central Government leadership vision to Reform, Perform and Transform. UNL is excited and honoured to be an onboarded supplier and Technology Provider for the TECH-Trail Run 2."

UNL is a data agnostic micro-location platform providing enterprise-grade mapping and data tools to power location-based applications with hyperlocal intelligence at varying scales.


For this project, UNL will be facilitating the creation of a custom Virtual Private Map where additional Point of Interest (POI) data on the NHEV E-highway stretch is mapped out. These POIs include electric vehicle (EV) charging station points, bus stop points, taxi pick-up and drop-off points, road signages, accident-prone points, various vehicle speed information, toll information, and emergency services.


When an electric vehicle has a low battery level, the driver will receive a notification on their mobile that lets them know where the nearest EV charging station is based on real-time availabilities and relevant power levels, and be navigated at every point of their journey from their current position to the station entry gate to the charging point that has sufficient power supply to fill up the vehicle, all the way to the relevant exit gate based on the driver’s next destination.


This seamless navigation journey will also apply to last-mile logistic drivers who are en route to their relevant parcel delivery hub point located within EV Charging Station along the E-highway.


The combination of precise contextual information and UNL Address Validator tool will support 3PL businesses in achieving the most optimized and efficient delivery process.

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