Transform Your Daily Operations with Virtual Private Maps (VPMs): 5 Essential Insights to Elevate Your Location Technology Game

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Earlier this year we launched the UNL Virtual Private Maps (VPMs), a powerful virtual map-workspace that encompasses UNL’s mission to empower democratized access to maps and data autonomy and ownership across the mapping technology landscape. With a modular and data-agnostic design, the UNL VPMs transforms the way we organize, manage, update, and enrich location data.


Read on to see how location-based businesses can leverage VPMs to gain complete control over their geospatial data and dynamically keep maps up-to-date.

1. Leverage multiple sources of geospatial data

The maps of today are built on a one-map-fits-all philosophy that does not account for the dynamic nature of locations and data-rich spaces. With UNL VPMs location-based businesses can connect various third-party data sources of choice – private and open-source, global and local to cater for the location data requirements of every specific business case. In this way, location-based businesses can select, bring, connect, and leverage multiple sources of geospatial data, with the map serving as the underlying canvas, thus, creating their ultimate source of truth.

2. Securely bring your own data while keeping full ownership and control

Location-based businesses are generating large quantities of location data that are left largely unutilized. But at UNL we believe data is a business’ IP and we have built the UNL VPMs to allow businesses of any size to securely bring their own location data while keeping 100% ownership over it. Data management remains under their control as VPM data accessibility and user permissions ensure that certain types of business data are accessible only to those who need it.

3. Digitize your business knowledge

With UNL, businesses are able to capture and digitize their workforce knowledge and derive additional value from their data. By incentivizing users to contribute geospatial insights and directly embed them into the UNL VPMs, location-based businesses can build an engaged contributor base of private and unique business location intelligence with an additional level of precision that can bare the potential of monetization.

4. Collaborate across teams securely and privately

The UNL VPMs is a collaborative workspace that allows different stakeholders to connect, analyze, and visualize data in various capacities. This means that businesses can create multiple Virtual Private Maps with different team management and access rights, ensuring that every team has access to the data needed for specific business purposes, empowering data ownership and privacy at a granular VPM level.

5. Build powerful applications

VPMs seamlessly integrate with UNL’s Location Services portfolio. This allows to leverage high-quality VPM data to power UNL location services, including search, geocoding, geofencing and routing, and radically optimize performance and operational efficiency of location-based applications.

More to come

This is only a glimpse of what UNL VPMs can do for your business. In the next months, we will dive deeper into how location-based businesses can leverage UNL’s advance location technology and services to build applications and services and innovate at deeper levels than they could have with existing solutions.


Stay tuned and book a demo today to see how VPMs could drive business success at scale.

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