Data Enrichment

Supercharge your operations with up-to-date POI data enrichment. Publish updates as you go and keep metadata searchability.

powerful, dynamic content tools to keep your services accurate and relevant

Leverage powerful location data enrichment tools
Data enrichment through driver contributions
Driver contribution & rewards

Digitize driver's knowledge. Activate and incentivize your workforce to collect, rate and validate data – e.g. verifying delivery addresses, collecting and updating POI data and routing in real-time.

Data enrichment through user contributions
User contribution & rewards

Transform users into contributors. Tap into the power of individual contributors by incentivizing your users and partners to collect and contribute data and improve your business services and fulfilment in real-time.

Own your data when using our data enrichment tools.
Data ownership

Keep data ownership and control within your organization when using our data enrichment tools. Manage data access rights to give different priority to specific users or workforce groups for updating data and routing.

Monetize your data through sharing when using our data enrichment tools.
Data monetization

Enable new business and revenue models by monetizing collected data.

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