UNL Global and National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV) team up to geofence the Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-highway

With the ever-increasing numbers of E-Vehicles in India, NHEV is conducting its second phase of TECH-Trail Run project with UNL to geofence the Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-highway. As part of the TECH-Trail Run project, NHEV and UNL will collaborate to provide state-of-the-art EV-ready infrastructure that will allow NHEV to run electric vehicle fleets on this E-highway using… Continue reading UNL Global and National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV) team up to geofence the Jaipur-Delhi-Agra E-highway

The rise of new-generation maps – a conversation with Craig Barnes

Maps are not a foreign tool; they have been a part of all our lives and can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago. Today, maps are part of people’s lives daily as they have become an integral element to a multiplicity of services and experiences – from search and navigation to food and parcel deliveries and mobility solutions.

Celebrating the women in tech behind UNL

In light of this year’s International Women’s Day, we are highlighting the women that play a key role in building a sustainable, inclusive and fully mapped future. As we witness an increased number of females being attracted to the fast-growing industry of technology, more and more women are taking an active role in leading tech… Continue reading Celebrating the women in tech behind UNL

Can smart addressing solve existing digital identity woes?

With physical addresses forming an implicit part of a person’s identity, unaddressed citizens may find themselves without access to digital and essential services. How can smart addressing help?

How smart addressing eases e-commerce fulfilment in the global pandemic

Smart addressing employs precise grids to assign unique addresses and add contextual information to location.

How universal smart addresses can help propel Bangladesh forward

Can smart addresses support Bangladesh’s ongoing digital transformation and accelerate it into becoming a smart nation?

How last-mile delivery technologies can enhance delivery platforms

Last-mile delivery was once known as an excellent capability to have instead of being an essential aspect of capturing the market share.

How the Internet of Places enables hyperlocal smart city services

With the Internet of Places, smart cities can leverage the power of location-based data to advance environmental and economic sustainability.

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